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TN/STN液晶顯示用驅動器 (45)


  • LCD段碼式驅動器系列 (45)
  • Common/Segment Drivers for Dot Matrix LCDs
  • Controller Drivers for Graphic LCDs
  • Controller Drivers for Character LCDs
  • Controller Drivers for Low Duty LCDs

VFD Drivers (LAPIS)

For over 30 years LAPIS Semiconductor has been providing high reliability VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) drivers to the US automotive industry. VFDs, developed based on vacuum tube technology, provide a couple of advantages, including excellent visibility by self-luminous, and are being adopted in an increasing number of devices, from audio equipment to home appliances.

  • Anode/Grid Drivers for VFDs
  • Controller Drivers for Character VFDs
  • Controller Drivers for Low Duty VFDs

OLED Drivers (LAPIS)

OLEDs (Organic Electroluminescence Displays) are used a wide variety of equipment, including automotive systems, industrial devices, and consumer electronics. LAPIS Semiconductor offers a broad range of OLED drivers, from simple anode/cathode-separate types for segment and dot matrix displays to monolithic controller drivers with built-in RAM.

  • Controller Drivers with Internal RAM
  • Anode/Cathode Drivers
  • Segment Drivers

Car Clock Drivers (LAPIS)

There are 2 types of car clock driver line-up for LCD and for VFD according to the type of the display panel adopted in the vehicle. Both drivers can correct hour, minute, and half hour of the time. For LCD can drive at static or 1/2 duty dynamic, and 12 hour-time or 24 hour-time can be selected. For VFD can drive at 1/2 duty, and it is 12 hour-time display. Additionally, the brightness adjustment function of VFD is possessed, and the brilliance control in four stages is possible.